Start Mining

Please see this Medium post for guidance on how to connect to the Sentient network and set up a miner.

Download the Sentient network command-line tools and miner

Packages for Linux and MacOS include:

sentientd – the daemon executable that connects the network, maintains a local version of the blockchain and controls your local wallet.

sentientc – the command-line tool that nicely wraps the RESTful API exposed by sentientd and allows you to query the status of the blockchain and control your local wallet.

sentient-miner – the GPU miner that can be run either as a standalone process or as a systemd service on Ubuntu.

Package for Windows includes only sentientd and sentientc. Miner for Windows is not supported at the moment.

To verify the signature, download our developer key and run the following command:

Linux: openssl dgst -sha256 -verify consensus_devkey.pem -signature
MacOS: openssl dgst -sha256 -verify consensus_devkey.pem -signature
Windows: openssl dgst -sha256 -verify consensus_devkey.pem -signature
If you downloaded a wallet before August 4th, you will have to wipe any trace of these files from your computer in order for the new wallet to connect to the network. This includes all data directories.