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13 Feb 2020
Consensus Update #13 — Challenges in Upgrading a Blockchain

Our team at Consensus just released the latest version for the Sentient Hub, with a new daemon, a new mining pool, a new miner, and a new logo. For those unfamiliar with Sentient (SEN), or the application our blockchain is to be used for in general, there are some great articles to dive into here, here, and here. To the contrary, this article is meant to be more of an educational examination of some of the specific technical challenges we encountered.

19 Nov 2019
Consensus Update #12 — Consensus App Upgrade and Positive Steps

Our update for the last two months (October and November 2019) saw a slight delay as the entire team have been busy ensuring the next stages of development were met.

We ended up achieving all of the points. As of today we are in the middle of launching new features and a new design for the Consensus App and Government facing Desktop Portal. The new Consensus App will be available for both iOS and Android users.

9 Sep 2019
Consensus Update #11 — Pilot Partner Marketing and 1000th Member Milestone

August saw continued growth for the Consensus team in South Burlington. We spent time listening to various rounds of feedback during City Hall meetings and will be expanding the desktop portal for the government facing web app.

7 Aug 2019
Consensus Update #10 — Mainnet SEN Listed on CoinBene Plus Update on the Pilot Project

The Pilot Project in the City of South Burlington is currently halfway complete and is proving to be a unique insight into what over 650 people think about South Burlington.

Since the launch, our team continue to communicate with officials to obtain feedback during South Burlington City Council meetings. In fact, we have an upcoming trip in mid-August to learn more about developments. From all the feedback, Consensus’s five developers continue to build, fix bugs and trial new integrations — all to create a better commercial product.

1 Aug 2019
Consensus Update #9 — Consensus To List Mainnet SEN on First Exchange

We’re very pleased to announce that as of August 3rd, we will enable trading of the SEN Mainnet Coin on CoinBene, an international leading Cryptocurrency exchange. We’ve certainly heard the community’s asks for the opportunity to buy SEN and liquidate SEN for use on the network. Our listing team have been working hard in the background to make this happen.

Listing on CoinBene, as a first launch partner for the Sentient Network mainnet token - the Sentient Coin, that is replacing the Consensus ERC20 token, is a critical first step in making the SEN token available to governments and the global cryptocurrency community.