Decentralized Machine Learning on the Blockchain

Sentient network is the decentralized machine learning platform. The network design proposes a new execution setting for deep learning training at scale by leveraging distributed ledger technologies. Download the Sentient app to get started.


GPU and CPU Mining Support

Command-line GPU and CPU miner tools for anyone with multiple mining devices, professional miners and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Mining Reward Program

Elevated block rewards for 2018. The block rewards will slowly decrease every year until they reach the standard 40 SEN per block in 2096.

Mining for Everyone

The one-click CPU miner built into the app doesn’t require any special equipment. Anyone with a PC can start mining just by downloading the official wallet and starting the miner within it.

Official Wallet and Access to the
Sentient Network

Sentient network is powered by the native cryptocurrency Sen coin (SEN). Our multi-platform apps include the official wallet to manage your funds and the CPU miner.

  • Allows you to hold and transfer SEN, as well as view your transaction history.

  • Helps anyone start mining with a push of a button.


Decentralized ML Computer

The Sentient network is a distributed global computer with nodes providing a portion of their hardware resources for artificial intelligence computations.

Each node will determine what allocation of resources to make available to the network for computations, and receive the corresponding rewards.


Federated Learning
Keeps Data Private and Secure

Most of machine learning computation is happening in centralized locations controlled by corporate entities. Using the federated learning approach we bring the training models to where the data stores are to train locally on the contributors' devices, without the need to upload data to a centralized cluster.

The data contributors' devices will maintain the only copy of the data thus eliminating the risk of private data being compromised, stored, or transmitted to a third party, making the Sentient network ideal to perform machine learning with sensitive data for both the public and private sector.


Monetize and Retain Control over Data

In the near future, Sentient network participants will have the option of using their data in exchange for SEN. With the federated learning approach the data stays private and encrypted, while allowing every participant to control and monetize their data as they wish. As our societies grow to understand the value in their data, the Sentient network will provide a platform for individuals to control the monetization of their data.

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What the Future Holds

Sentient network launch is just the first step in our multi-year roadmap. Once the network is stable and ready, we will introduce the Proof-of-Compute consensus algorithm that will supplement and eventually replace the Proof-of-Work currently used by Sentient. This way the compute resources available by the miners will not only be used to find the next block's hash, but to train the useful machine learning models. Following the introduction of the Proof-of-Compute we will build applications on top
 of the network designed to improve the collective governance using AI.

Consensus AI project will primarily focus on the applications, while the Sentient network team will continue developing the protocol. Find out more about Consensus AI at https://