Sentient is the decentralized machine learning platform on the blockchain powered by the collective compute resources of its participants.
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Sentient Hub

Sentient Hub is a multi-platform application that includes the wallet to manage your funds and the built-in miners with the mining pool support. Further releases of the Sentient Hub will add support for data storage and management, digital identity management, requests and provision of compute resources and machine learning model training.

Decentralized Machine Learning

Sentient network builds a distributed global computer with the participant nodes providing a portion of their hardware resources for artificial intelligence computations. Each node will determine what allocation of its resources it wishes to make available to the network for computations, and receive the corresponding rewards.

Keeping Data Private and Secure

Sentient DLP algorithm provides the ability to aggregate private client data without exposing the details of the individual data contributions, giving users control over the data privacy, at the same time providing ways for participants to financially benefit from making the data available for research purposes.

Compute Resources Monetization

The network design allows for every participant node to financially benefit from its data storage and compute power contributions. As our societies grow to understand the value of user data, the Sentient network will provide a platform for individuals to control the monetization of their data and compute resources.


DEC 2016 — DEC 2017

Initial project research, establishment of the Consensus Foundation to oversee the development of the project.

JAN 2018 — JUL 2018

Initial network development and testing.


Launch of the Sentient network, mining software, GUI wallet and supporting tools (network explorer).

SEPT 2018 — APR 2019

Sentient DLP algorithm design, ongoing improvement, development iterations.

JUNE 2019

Launch of the Consensus application suite (mobile apps, analytical dashboard) powered by the Sentient DLP in South Burlington, Vermont


Mining pool architecture rework. Further research and development of the DLP branch, initial work on the decentralized autonomous orgs powered by the Sentient network.


Further research of the proof-of-compute algorithm to introduce machine learning capabilities onto the Sentient network. Planned open-sourcing of the entire network code and supporting applications.

Vision of Sentient

The initial network launch has been just the first step in our multi-year roadmap. Once the network code is sufficiently stable, we plan to fully open-source the relevant codebases, continue the work on the Proof-of-Compute consensus algorithm that will supplement and eventually replace the Proof-of-Work currently used by Sentient. This way the compute resources available by the participant nodes will not only be used to find the next block's hash, but to run code that powers the next-generation decentralized applications, including training machine learning models and other AI-related software.

Following the introduction of the Proof-of-Compute Consensus AI teams will primarily focus on building applications on top of this network designed to improve the collective governance using, while the Sentient team will continue developing the core protocol and tools, and fostering its global developer community.